Pre-Employment Screening

As part of our effort to improve employment quality, we offer clients pre-employment screening products and services to grow their company and maintain a safe and productive workforce. Quality screening can make a sizeable difference to identify the best employees.
All screenings are conducted with absolute discretion to provide first-hand information to clients regarding their prospective employees.

✓ Criminal History

Our network of researchers access multiple current and past information federal records of a prospective candidate to check for felonies, misdemeanors, court cases or pending cases.

✓ Social Security Verification

It is imperative for every individual to have correct names and social security numbers as per W-2 forms. This helps companies in processing accurate annual wage reports and crediting employees earnings records. We carry out a detailed check about candidates social security numbers to verify if the documents are fraudulent and if the candidate is authorized to work.

✓ Motor vehicle history report

Traffic violations or falsified motor vehicle registration can serve as a decision making tool while hiring the candidate. This will help organizations assess whether such acts will impact the job performance or insurance liabilities.

✓ Prior employment check

We conduct a thorough FCRA or Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant employment check to verify if the details provided by the prospective candidate are true or not. This will help companies assess the legibility of the candidate before hiring them.