“Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary,
Simply by doing it with the right people.” - Elizabeth Green

A wrong hire can drastically change a company’s dynamics, leading them towards unwanted legal issues and hassles. A bad tenant can prove to be difficult to deal with, if not researched properly, before leasing or renting the property.

So the pertinent question is - Who Are We?

We are ‘Integrated Risk Management Services’.

We specialize in providing clients with comprehensive risk assessment screening and a wide range of security consulting solutions. With an industry wide experience in confidential investigation services, we provide thorough checks of prospective employees or tenants to enable you to make an informed decision.

Established in 2014, IRMS LLC is headquartered in New York with an operational presence across the United States. With a dedicated team of professionals, we have successfully conducted fruitful background screening and confidentiality checks for a number of large to small corporates and commercial property-owners.

Our expertise also extends in providing complete integrated security systems that include Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to Photo ID badging systems to card access control systems.
As an organization specializing in security and risk management, our coherence of federal and state laws makes us one of the leading risk management firms in New York.

Working together throughout the process, we guide you from interview to placement and provide support before, during and after the perfect match is made.
What We Do
We work with clients of all sizes.
Our belief-
To provide flawless background verification, pre-employment check and confidentiality screening to corporate and property-owners.
Provide complete assistance from the time a candidate is selected till the time the candidate is hired; all misnomers highlighted through a detailed report.
Develop strategic plans to create a corporate culture that is free from bias and unpleasant surprises.
Offer a bouquet of verification services that can be selected on an à la carte basis or as a complete package depending on the needs of the organization and/or individual.


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